Rangdhanu Academy

Our Mission:

Our main focus is to make the helpless and neglected people self-reliant in the society. This is a continuation of the Rangdhanu academy, not just for business success but for social responsibility.


working with the third gender community of the society and we are planning to create an aged aging society.

About Rangdhanu Academy:

Rangdhanu academy is a “”Youth Development Training Center””.Our main focus is to build a successful self-employed youth with proper work-oriented education.Our society is constantly changing. Rangdhanu Academy added a new dimension to this trend of change.Rangdhanu Academy has been established in 1996 with the help of all of you in the field of community. Rangdhanu  believes that everyone can be a woman through the talent, mentality and perseverance of the next successful personality.A subject-based training that has helped women to keep their head elevated in society, has already proved to be a part of Rangdhanu Academy. Ranghdanu’s trained skilled workers spread across different regions of the country.

The women workers who are traveling abroad we give them special training on home appliances such as Microwave, Electric Oven, Iron, Embitter, Washing Machine, Juice, Blender, Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer etc.

Rangdhanu Academy and Singer Sewing Education Center have been operating jointly since 2003. Besides, we have been providing training in the country jointly with Transcom Digital, Youth Development, SME Foundation and Pidilite. Apart from this, as well as part of social awareness work, making people aware about illiteracy campaign, plantation, smoking and anti-drug movement, Anti-AIDS activities, autism, voluntary donation etc.